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Friday, August 9, 2013

Dumpster Structures

 Dumpster Structures
 Holland  have been making recent news for their ability to turn the ordinary dumpster into a unique space – with items actually recovered from dumpsters.
Quote by Jarod Kintz
 'I went dumpster diving the other day, and each of the judges gave me
 a perfect score of 10. '
Some dumpster divers using a headlamp in order to keep their hands free. Strong bags are necessary to carry items in, and bringing a friend to help tote everything is a good idea as well. A hoe or long pole is necessary to hook items or pull them forward, and a pair of gloves is recommended. Finally, sanitary wipes and a first-aid kit should always come along. Avoid any bins containing medical or hazardous waste. Etiquette for the hobby reminds dumpster divers never to create a mess, to only take what is needed, and to leave others' personal documents alone.
Re-use old containers such as Pringles chip tubes to store pipe
 cleaners or paint brushes.
Mug cake 1=2=3
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