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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pre- Chewed Pencil & Holly

I love Holly

Pre chewed Pencil
concentrate is a british studio that design products specifically for school kids. their aim is to help children concentrate at school by identifying the reasons that they might be distracted, uncomfortable or unable to focus. one of their more tongue-in-cheek designs is the 'pre-chewed'
pencil. 'no need to spend time chewing your pencil - just get down to some concentrated thinking
and who knows what you might come up with'.http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/8/view/4637/pre-chewed-pencils-by-concentrate.html
Quote by- William Shakespeare
At Christmas I no more desire a roseThan wish a snow in May’s new-fangled mirth; But like of each thing that in season grows."

Facts Holly
The use of Holly as a symbolic winter decoration, with its shiny, prickly leaves and blood-red berries, goes back in history to the Celtic peoples of Northern Europe, who decorated their homes with it during the time of the winter solstice, or Yule.
The ancient Romans believed that holly warded off lightning strikes and witchcraft and sent boughs of holly to friends during the festival of Saturnalia, also celebrated at the winter solstice.
The early Christian Church retained many of the Celtic and Roman traditions to help celebrate the birth of Christ. The early Celtic Christians associated the prickly holly leaves with the crown of thorns from the crucifixion and the red berries with the blood of Christ.
In South America holly is used in making matte, a type of tea drink popular in Argentina. The wood of the holly tree is used in the manufacture of pianos to make black keys due to its solid grain-less appearance.
Holly extracts have been used in folk remedies for dizziness, hypertension, and even cancer for centuries. New studies from Ireland, as reported in the New Scientist (December 1998), found that extracts from the roots and bark of English holly contain chemicals that look promising for the treatment of skin cancers and for strengthening the immunological effects of vaccines.
There are about 400 species of holly. The only temperate or tropical regions naturally lacking holly are western North America and Australia. They are sometimes deciduous, but mostly evergreen trees and shrubs, with shoots often angled and alternating leaves. Both males and females have white flowers, but only females have berries. The red 'berries' are technically drupes containing two to eight seeds. The white wood is tough and usually grain-less.
Evergreen hollies are very hardy attractive trees and shrubs that are ideal for temperate climates. European and Asiatic species are adaptable to most soils and temperate climates, while native North American species usually prefer a neutral or acid soil.

Cornflake Wreath cookies holly

1/2 cup butter
4 cups miniature marshmallows
1 teaspoon green food coloring
1/2 teaspoon almond extract
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 cups cornflakes cereal
1 (2.25 ounce) package cinnamon red hot candies
Microwave marshmallows and butter on High for 2 minutes. Stir, then microwave on High for 2 minutes more. Stir. (This can be done in a double boiler if one doesn't have a microwave.)
Add and mix quickly the coloring, extracts, then cornflakes. Drop by spoonfuls in clumps on greased wax paper and decorate with 3 red hots each.
Once cool, transfer to lightly greased serving/storage tray with lightly greased fingers.

Old Christmas cards and was thinking it would be fun to cut
them up and add string to make ornaments. make tags with them.

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Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

"Pre chewed" pencils?? Kinda takes the fun away of doing it yourself LOL (Although I've never chewed pencils). Interesting holly facts...didn't know piano keys were made from it...cool. Great job on the blog hon :-)

Loralynn said...

Love the pencils! Too funny! My #2 son chews his pencils so bad you would think a dog got ahold of them!

Sand Flat Farm said...

Hi, Ginger - Thanks for visiting me! I love your blog, too - SO much neat information you have on yours. I think I could find out whatever I need to know about Anything! Interesting about holly... take care & come visit again- Vickie