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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bird that is absolutely beautiful!

Bird i like i think so absolutely beautiful.

Love to see a real one.

Irish saying
"Who gossips with you will gossip of you"

Formula for cold cream has hardly changed at all in the 1,700 years since
it was originally made by the Roman physician Galen.
Objects weigh slightly less at the equator than at the poles.Inca Indians of Peru considered bridges to be so sacred that anyone who tampered with one was put to death. Among the most impressive Inca bridges were the chacas, or rope bridges, that spanned great distances over gorges and rivers. They were made of braided grasses woven together into a single cable as thick as a man's body, and they sometimes were 175 feet long. It took as many as a thousand people to build such a bridge, and many of these remarkable structures lasted more than 500 years.
According to acupuncturists, there is a point on the head that you can press to control your appetite. It is located in the hollow just in front of the flap of the ear.

Free Sample
Nicorette White Ice

Skin Care recipes

Crock pot Pizza
ingredients :

1 1/2 lb Ground meat

1 can Pizza sauce

(14 oz)

1 pk Noodles (12 oz)

4 oz Cheese, mozzarella

1 x Mushrooms

1 x Onion

1 can Spaghetti sauce (14 oz)

4 oz Cheese, cheddar

1 pk Pepperoni; sliced

1 x Green peppers


Brown meat and onion.

Drain grease.

Add sauces. Simmer.

Boil noodles until tender; drain. In CrockPot, put a layer of noodles, meat mixture, cheeses and pepperoni. Repeat layer one more time. Cook on high for 30 minutes, then on low for 1 hour or until cheese melts.

This may also be baked in a 350 oven until cheese melts.. .

Crafts And Tutorials
How to sew a goofy bag tutorial

Little card with some crochet around it

Crochet Business Card Holder

Have a great day my friends!Lord bless each of you!


HDMac said...

That is a beautiful bird! :)

HDMac said...

I don't know if my first comment came out.. lol.. but that really is a beautiful bird! :)

Lorraine said...

Might try that crock pot recipe as I love recipes when you throw everything and it cooks itself..plus my 5yr old loves noodles!!

Chriss Rollins said...

Hey what a fun and informative blog. Love the birds .. dont they look like they are having a ball in the top picture they are almost lafffffing.
chriss x
ps the song playing flock of eagles woke me up well and truely. lol

Rosemary said...

Thanks Ginger!!
Thanks for checking on the candycorn. I think we should invent it. There is sugarfree everything.
I will check out that new blog.
Chat later,

Thimbleanna said...

FANTASTIC pictures -- those birds are stunning! Thanks for linking to my little goofy bags!