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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The guide for the unlucky pop ups

Guide for the unlucky pop ups book

There are a slew of old wives tales; black cats, underneath ladders, breaking mirrors, stepping on pavement cracks, etc.. the list goes on and on. It’s almost impossible to remember them all. Thanks to Kyle Bean, he’s created The Guide for the Unlucky. Each page contains a description and a pop up 3D element .
Quote by~Henry David Thoreau
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.

Identify a fake: The second hand on an authentic Rolex watch doesn't tick, it moves smoothly.
2 out of 3 adults in the United States have hemorrhoids.
Even a small amount of alcohol placed on a scorpion will make it go crazy and sting itself to death.
Louisiana is the only state that grows in land area every year (Due to alluvial deposits from the Mississippi River).
People in parts of Western China put salt in their tea instead of sugar.

Free Sample
Benefiber Sachet

Spray bottles of liquid wrinkle releaser
Pour one teaspooon of liquid fabric softener and one cup of water (distilled, preferably) into a spray bottle with a nozzle that can produce a fine mist, shake it up, and, just as with the commercial stuff, apply it to a small patch first to make sure it won't stain or discolor.

Homade hot Chocolate mix
2 cups Confectioner's sugar
1pound box of cocoa ( Hersheys or Nestles Instant)
1box powdered milk
18oz creamora or pream
Mix together, use 1/3 cup per cup of hot water.
Can add a marshmallows or whipping cream on top.

Crafts and Tutorials
Pumpkin poop
Use candy corn, and put them into a little plastic or real pumpkin and tie the poem to it.
I started to carve a pumpkinWith my carving knife and scoop.But the pumpkin got so scaredHe took a little poop.It looked so cute and funnyJust like a candy treat.So I'm sharing it with you nowBecause you're so sweet.
Candy Corn poem
Put candy corn in a mug or Halloween bag or box and attach this poem:
Halloween is almost here goblins and ghosts, oh the fear! Pumpkins, black cats and witches too, Bobbing for apples and witches brew. So jump for joy and sound the horn, relax and have some candy corn!
Fact about candy corn
October 30th is National Candy Corn Day
One serving of candy corn contains only about 140 calories
Candy corn has 3.57 calories per kernel
More than 35 million pounds of candy corn will be produced this year. That equates to nearly 9 billion pieces -- enough to circle the moon nearly four times if laid end-to-end.
Halloween accounts for 75% of the annual candy corn production
A cup of candy corn has fewer calories than a cup of raisins.
Candy Corn was invented by George Renninger and produced by the Wunderlee Candy Company in the 1880's. In 1900, the Goelitz Candy Company, now Jelly Belly Candy Company, started mass producing the candy, but, due to the lack of machinery, it was only made available seasonally from March to November. Its recipe has remained unchanged.
Candy corn isn't just for Halloween there is also:
Reindeer corn for Christmas (red, green, and white)
Indian corn (it's chocolate and vanilla flavored)
Cupid corn for Valentine's Day (red, pink, and white)
Bunny corn for Easter (pastel-colored)
How to make a pumpkinMiniature Scene

Tutorial how make a felt bat

Crochet pumpkins pattern

Pumpkin Coasters Crochet
Have a great day my friends!


HDMac said...

Those crochet pumpkins are really cute. I just love to have pumpkins all around the house this time of year! :) :)

Rosemary said...

I love the facts today!
Very fun!

orangejack said...

I like the pumpkin poop idea. Might have to share that on my candy corn blog!

Susan Williamson said...

There's only one word to describe your blog Ginger and it's AWESOME. Loved the music, all the links, your photos and writing. I'm now officially a member of your fan club!