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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Door knocker

Fantastic door knocker
 Fantastic Large Vintage Cast Iron Door Knocker, Circa 1920. The Face Of King Tut Wearing The Nemes Head Dress. This Motif Became Very Popular Around The Time Howard Carter Discovered King Tuts Tomb In 1922. The Door Knocker Is Very Heavy And Measures 7 1/2" Tall. There Is No Signature Or Foundry Mark.
Quote by Frank Tyger
"Learn to listen. Opportunity could be knocking at your door..."
Door knockers have been in use, save for short periods during the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, since their invention, early in the world's history, although they were most freely used during the Romanesque, the Gothic, and the Renaissance periods. For easy identification they may be divided into three classes, the first characterized by a ring, the second by a hammer, and the third by human figures and animals' heads. The first two types show a much larger surface of plate than the third, and the designs employed are often most elaborate.
To protect the finish of your door, opt for a knocker that comes with a built-in strike plate. The strike plate will amplify the noise made when the door knocker is used, and also protect the surface of the door from damage.
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