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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Quick Question

Quick Question
Quote by Warning label on central air conditioning unit
"Do Not Place Hand In Fan While Fan Is Running."
On average, half of all false teeth have some form of radioactivity.
If you went out into space, you would explode before you suffocated because
there's no air pressure.
The most popular sport as a topic for a film is boxing.
Almost all varieties of breakfast cereals are made of grass.
The first telephone book was one page long and had only 50 names in it.
How to un stick stuck buckets
Mozzarella sticks
Crafts & Tutorials
How to make Belt holder
How to make hot glue gun holder
How to make Fortune Cookie Baby Booties
How to make Polar fleece hats
How to make Printable Tea Bag
How to make bucket hooks
How to make pop up book
How to make Lavender Cone can put sunflowers in them  ect*
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