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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Memory jugs

Memory jugs
Memory jugs are traditionally made using old china shards and antique found objects embedded in mortar on early stoneware
Quote by Tricia Goyer
“You don't want to look back at your years with regrets. Regrets have no place in your memory jar.”
Natural gas has no smell. The odor is artificially added
Men laugh longer, louder, and more often than women.
Cold water weighs more than hot water.
When glass breaks, the cracks move faster than 3,000 miles per hour.
Opossums are immune to rattlesnake venom.
Metal Magazine Rack as Towel Holder
Roll pool towels and store them vertically, so your kids can grab one before taking a swim.
microwave in a mug: cake in mug
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