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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Robot cup a noodle

40th anniversary celebration for their instant noodle soup product Cup Noodle, Nissin created a limited edition transformable Robo Cup Noodle Timer.
Quote by Cincinnati Times-Star, headline
"Most lies about blondes are false."
Mexico has more American residents than
World’s heaviest primates: morbidly obese humans. After that: gorillas at 485 lbs.
any other country except the United States.
J. Edgar Hoover liked to fire FBI agents whose palms were sweaty
when shaking hands.
Koala Bear sleeps 22 hours of every day.
Pretzels were originally invented for Christian Lent.
Garlic is known to ward off mosquitoes, flies and ants so mix a bit
into your salad and let it work its magic on your next picnic.
Cup noodle chicken salad
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