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Monday, March 26, 2012

Secret of Kiss

Secret of Kiss

Ron English is a pop prankster impresario,. His images are fun house mirror reflections of our increasingly bizarre popular culture.
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Quote by Mercy Cabrera
A kiss is just a kiss till you find the one you love. A hug is just a hug till you find the one you're always thinkin' of. A dream is just a dream till it comes true. Love was just a word till I heard it from you.

Both Eskimos and Egyptians "kiss" by rubbing noses.
Old-school Italy. In 16th century Naples, the punishment for kissing was the death penalty.
Hartford, Conn. are not legally allowed to lock lips with their husbands on Sundays.
Kissing the Blarney Stone located in Cork, Ireland, is no easy feat.
Kissing can increase your life expectancy.

A quick kiss on the cheek when saying good-bye, it could be that he's guarded and doesn't emote easily. If this is a more recent development, it's a warning sign; he may be feeling ambivalent about the relationship.Source: Body language expert Tony ReimanRead more: Kissing Tips and Facts - How to Kiss Better - Cosmopolitan

How to make your own chocolate kiss
Melt one cup of semi-sweet chocolate in 1/2 cup of heavy cream in a microwave for 2 minutes. This is a ganache. Let this cool until it is firm which takes about 2 hours.
When you're pouring your "hershey" chocolate into your funnel, stop before you have 1/3 of your whole amount of chocolate into the funnel. Add a layer of your ganache filling to fill another 1/3 and then finish filling the funnel with the "hershey" chocolate. This gives you a truffle filling and a very unique Kiss. You can also pour in enough of the "hershey" chocolate and swirl that chocolate around the sides of the funnel and fill with the ganache filling then fill the rest to the top of your funnel with the "hershey chocolate, giving you a truffle filling. I would definitely refrigerate the chocolate filled funnel to allow the softer center harden before wrapping.

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