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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photo now & then

Mild nostalgia.combine photos from the past and present.

Quote by~Alice Walker
“In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted,
bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful.”

No one knows who designed the first American Flag.
Bats always turn left when exiting a cave.
Average yearly salary of a DJ you listen to on the radio is only $20,000.
1880's, 'Pants' was considered a dirty word.
Men are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than women.

Need a funnel,cut the bottom off a plastic soft
drinks bottle and turn it upside-down.

How to make your own fruit roll ups
Fresh, canned, or frozen fruitBlenderNon-stick baking sheets*Non-stick baking spray (e.g. PAM is a commercial brand) 1. Wash and prepare fruit.2. Puree fruit in blender until it is very smooth. To make a leather that is 18 inches x 14 inches x 1/4 inches, you will need about two and a half cups of puree.3. Add as little water or juice as possible when pureeing.4. You may now add any sweetening or spices... but beware, the more liquid in your puree, the longer it will take to dry. You don't have to use processed sugar for sweetening; try honey, cane syrup, molasses, maple syrup, brown sugar, etc. (See below for more ideas on flavorings and spices).5. Lightly spray the baking sheet with non-stick spray. 6. Pour the puree onto the prepared sheet. Slightly tilt the tray to spread the puree around evenly. You could also make 4 to 6 inch size pancake shapes instead of one huge sheet. 7. At this point, you make garnish your leather if you desire (see below for variations).8. Preheat your oven to about 150 degrees (no higher as you will cook the fruit rather than dry it). Note: below is an option if your fruit leather dries too long that is really good.9. Put your baking sheet in the oven and prop the oven door open. The drying is going to take a long while... the time depends on how much moisture is in your puree.10. Remove the leather from the sheet while it is still warm and roll it up. Or, before you roll it up you could spread a filling on the leather

Crafts & Tutorials
make your very own Waterproof Shower Cap

How to make a toddler robe out of dish towels

How to make simple turn signals for a bike

How to make your own long board

How to make non slip clippies tutorial

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