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Friday, September 2, 2011

false lashes.

False lashes.
Whether you’re interested in a natural accent, or something wild and crazy, they have an amazing assortment worth checking out – if only for fun. You can get feather lashes, eyelashes with gold leaf, or even lashes with sparkling diamonte rhinestones to mimic the ones that were made for Madonna with real diamonds!

Quote by~Greg Evans
Love is not what the mind thinks,but
what the heart feels.

A fully loaded supertanker traveling at normal speed takes a least twenty minutes to stop.
Piece of paper can be folded in half more than 8 times.
According to Gaming Law, casinos have to stock enough cash to cover all the chips on the 'floor'.
The word Tips is actually an acronym standing for 'To Insure Prompt Service'.
In some parts of England, rum is used to wash a baby's head for good luck.

When your zipper get's stuck
Get a pencil lead, a candle, a bar of soap, talcum powder, paraffin wax or WD40.
Rub or apply it along the metal teeth of the zipper.
Do it for a few times if you need to.
Go ahead and try moving the zipper up and down several times.

Crunchy Pickled Okra
3 cups white vinegar

5 cups water

2 teaspoons celery seeds

3 lbs okra pods, washed,with stems removed

2/3 lb baby onion, peeled

6 cloves garlic

6 small hot chili peppers (optional)
Make a brine with vinegar, water and celery seeds.

2) Boil in a stainless steel pot or enamel.

3) Pack okra firmly in hot, boiled jars.

4) In each jar add 4 onions, 1 clove garlic and 1 chili pepper if using.

5) Pour boiling brine over veg leaving 1/4 inch headspace.

6) Process for 15 min in a boiling water bath at altitudes up to 1000 feet.

7) Let stand for 2-3 weeks before serving.

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