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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Clay Illustration

Dream & Fishes

Clay Illustration
by Irma Gruenholz
see more of her work

Quote by~Charles Dudley Warner
What a man needs in gardening is a cast-iron back, with a hinge in it.

President George W. Bush was once a cheerleader.
Sheep outnumber humans in New Zealand 15 to 1.
Ramses brand condom is named after the great pharaoh Ramses II who fathered over 160 children.
22,000 checks will be deducted from the wrong account over the next hour.
Older people, memory is best early in the morning and then declines during the late afternoon.

Pouring lemon juice around areas that ants frequent is said to repel them.

Campfire cabbage
2-3 slices bacon
1 large onion
1 head of cabbage
salt pepper
garlic powder
In a large dutch oven or frying pan, cook chopped up bacon until almost burnt. Add chopped onion and cabbage and stir until cabbage is wilted. Add enough water to cover. Bring to a boil. Cook until most of the water is gone and cabbage is desired tenderness. If need be, more water can be added. Add seasoning to taste.

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