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Thursday, May 19, 2011



A commercial product designed solely to wipe one’s bum?
That started about 150 years ago, right here in the U.S.A. In less than a century, Uncle Sam’s marketing genius turned something disposable into something indispensable.

Read about it here

Quote by~Charlie Brown
In the book of life, the answers aren't in the back.

Cubic mile of ordinary fog contains less than a gallon of water.
Kleenex tissues were originally used as filters in gas masks.
At room temperature, the average air molecule travels at the
speed of a rifle bullet.
People modestly overweight have a lower risk of death than those of normal weight.
Average NFL player's career lasts only 3 1/2 years.

Whether you are out fishing or hiking in the back country, a small mirror can be a lifesaver.
A small mirror can be used to signal for help, and can be seen from miles away.

Breakfast casserole
6-10 eggs
2-3 cups grated cheddar cheese
6 slices bread, cut into cubes
2 cups milk
1 cup corn (cooked or frozen)
1/2 cup chopped broccoli (cooked or raw, raw will turn out crunchier)
1/2 cup sliced mushrooms
1/4 cup sliced green onions
1 cup cubed ham and/or cooked Italian sausage
A few slices cooked bacon, chopped
1 teaspoon herbes de provence, or other dried herbs, or a Tbsp of fresh chopped herbs such as basil, rosemary, or thyme
13 x 9 inch casserole dish
Preheat oven to 350°F. Beat the eggs in a large bowl. Mix in the milk and cheese. Add the bread and carefully stir until all pieces of bread are moistened (don't over mix or the bread may disintegrate). Add additions. Add salt and pepper to taste (if using Italian sausage, you won't need either.) Butter a 13 x 9 inch casserole dish. Pour mix into casserole dish.
Bake in oven for 50 minutes to an hour, until the top is browned and the center springs back when touched. Remove from oven and let cool for 10 minutes before serving.Serves 8.

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