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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cool Pumpkin

3D carving
Cool pumpkin carvings
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Quote by~Fred Adler
"Happiness is a positive cash flow."

Rat's can fall from a five story building without injury.
Marine catfish can taste with any part of its body.
Oak trees are struck by lightning more than any other tree.
1893, lynching was legal in the United States.
Before 1941, fingerprints were not accepted as evidence in court.

Put the bags loose in the bottom of the trash bin. That way, every time you take out the trash,
there’s a fresh bag lying there ready for service. This works for me.
How to make instant gummy worms
Mix 3
packages of unflavored gelatin,
1 tbsp. of Koolaid and 2 tbsp. of flavored gelatin in a mixing bowl.
Stir with a spatula so the powders all mix well.
Pour in ½ cup of ice water and continue to stir the mixureStir the mixture at a slow to moderate rate for several minutes. Let it set for 5 to 10 minutes or until the liquid forms a slushy-like texture and thickens. Bring a burner to a low heat setting. Pour or scoop the mixture into a pot. Stir as the slushy like substance melts.
Continue to stir the mixture until it reaches a full liquid consistency. Make sure you stir all throughout the pot so there aren't any clumps or lumps left as they will not pour well and might make deformed worms. Remove from heat.Pour the liquid into a casserole dish and immediately place in the freezer. Make sure the casserole dish is flat and level so the liquid doesn't solidify at an angle. Leave in the freezer for 10 to 12 minutes. Remove from the freezer.
Lay out a cutting board or paper towels. Carefully flip the casserole dish on its side and worka spatula around the edges of the dish to release the gummy from the dish. Place the gummy lump on the board or towels. Cut thin worm strips with a knife. Make the worms whatever size you would like. Then make slight side slits to create a texture on the worm.
Read more
How to Make Gummy Worms eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4487996_make-gummy-worms.html#ixzz129l5QgO5
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Sharon said...

OMG! that pumpkin is incredible!