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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New England style painting Walton Ford's

Walton Ford's painting wild animals

Walton Ford’s paintings of wild animals combine the austere mastery of New England-style naturalism with satirical humor.
To see more of his work:

Quote by Lucille Ball
I think knowing what you cannot do is more important than knowing what you can.

Japan, it is completely acceptable to name your child “Buttocks” or “Prostitute”!
In 2004, The Japanese Ice Cream Association promoted “raw horse flesh” ice cream in hopes that it would boost the popularity of ice cream!
The U.S. military’s dried food rations can be re-hydrated with urine!
80% of 10 year old girls in the U.S. go on a diet.
Mussolini dodged the Italian draft.

Avoid eating a big meal or smoking right before shoveling.
Be extra careful with wet snow that has been on the ground for a while. Try to shovel when it has just fallen and is likely to be more light and powdery.
Push the snow instead of lifting and carrying it. When you do have to lift the shovel, lift with your legs instead of your back.

Emeril Lagasse
Bacon wrapped dates with cream cheese and Almonds
18 (1 by 1/4-inch) pieces cream cheese
18 pitted dates (preferably Medjool)
18 salted and roasted whole almonds
6 slices bacon cut crosswise into thirds
Special equipment: 18 wooden picks

Heat the oven to 400 degrees F.Stuff 1 piece of cheese and 1 almond into each date, then wrap one piece of bacon around each date and secure bacon with a toothpick if desired. Arrange dates, bacon seam down and 1 inch apart in a shallow baking pan.Bake 5 minutes, then turn dates over with tongs and bake until bacon is crisp, 5 to 6 minutes more. Drain on a paper towel or parchment. Serve immediately.

Crafts & Tutorials
HankiesTo soften a drum shade, cut the scalloped edge from a hankieand attach it using fabrics glue; glue grosgrain ribbons on top.

How to make a Bottle cap Pincushion

Chalk welcome tray tutorial

How to make a fleece Rope Dog toy

Moses Basket redo tutorial

How to easily Stamp words tutorial

How to make a Colourful Key Chain

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Lisa & Gerald said...

Hey girlfriend..The weather Man is calling for snow by the end of the week..Hopfully its just a dusting...

Fe said...

What a cool blog. :-) Thanks for posting a link to my fleece rope dog toy tutorial. Great job on your blog.