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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Recipe exchange

You have a crowd invited for dinner, and you wind up spending the vast majority of the visit tied to the stove??? In an attempt at having more time to enjoy the moment while tossing together an equally impressive meal, the theme this time round is called, "prep it, and forget it"... oven casseroles and slow cooker meals.
*****Please specify if you DON’T own a slow cooker so I may accommodate you with an oven recipe in that event.If you are interested in participating…
1. Email me at daldak01@yahoo.ca and include your name,nest name (if you have one), your recipe submission and any food allergy, dietary restrictions, dislikes or requests.
2. Please make the title/subject of the email, the name of the recipe. For example, Subject: Watermelon Sorbet.
3. If you use a recipe from someone else, be sure to cite your source.
4. You have until FRIDAY, December 5 to enter.
5. I will send you your SUPER FUN exchange recipe by email on SATURDAY December, 13.
6. You have until SATURDAY, January 10 to post the recipe, review and pictures (if you can) to your blog or in a post on the “What’s Cooking Board” if you don’t have a blog.
7. Please email me at daldak01@yahoo.ca by SATURDAY, January 10 (just after the Christmas/New Year’s parties!!!) and include a link to your blog (if you have one). Otherwise, just email me what you typed about the recipe on the “What’s Cooking Board” into your email.Also a list will be kept of who got what recipe in addition to who has/hasn’t made their recipe.If a previously submitted recipe was not made but fits this challenge, feel free to submit it again.Don’t forget to invite others to participate and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!
Carol VRI
hope you enjoy this exchange! :)Should you have any questions, feel free to email me at daldak01@yahoo.ca.

P.S. I've created the accompanying image should you wish to display it on your blog.

Read more here please come on join in the fun !


Carol VR said...

Thanx for posting this to your blog.

You are a sweetheart!!!

Rosemary said...

Hi Ginger,
Thanks for visiting me.
Have a wonderful weekend whatever you do.