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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How they make seedless watermelons

How they make seedless watermelons


Lisa West said...

My little 6yr old wanted to leave the message that this is "funny". Thanks for the fun picture. Lisa and Isabella(her first blog comment)

Ginger said...

Lisa & Isabella thank you for giggling at my silly pictures and thank you for my sweet coment from her hugs come back honey i'll post more just for you.

HDMac said...

Ginger, This is TOOOO cute! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments! How very sweet of you! Just love all my crafting and cooking friends! I am enjoying your blog and will be adding it to my list of blogs on mine! I will be back often!!!!

Your voy friend, Marcia

Ginger said...

I was just adding you lol thank you for dropping by you rock!