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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bright sunny day

Look at that bee ,Such a sunshine day!
Good day my friends,
Welcome back!
Quote~ By Mark Twain
be careful about reading health books.
You may die of a misprint.
ok one more from him
Courage is resistance to fear,mastery of
fear~not absence of fear.
Can't help to love Mark Twain

Tip s
To discourage a dog from jumping on bed or couch when you are not home, put a few pennies in an empty soda can and place near edge of the furniture. Went Fido jumps up, can falls and the noise startles him. Be consistent and it won't take long to change behavior.
Great pet tips from here

Hot Dogs and bacon roll ups crock pot
2 pkg.Hot dogs,cut in half
brown sugar
1 lb.bacon
Take a pice of hotdog wrap bacon around it stick tooth pick to hold it in place.
put brown suage on top.After you cut hot dogs and cut bacon in half to wrap hot dogs
place brown sugr over
cook 3 or 4 hrs in crock pot

Crafts and tutorials
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Pet collar pouch tutorial

Thread Catcher tutorial

Cool money clip tell how you can make it your self

Snowy Balloon ornament

mushroom and fabric crochet tutorial

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paper mache glues

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Free Sample: HUGGIES Supreme and Natural Fit Diapers
Have a great summer day!

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