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Friday, June 27, 2008

Orange and yellow 4x4

Orange and yellow 4x4

Good day my friends welcome back to lovestodream.
I first saw the site for Disneyland back in 1953, In those days it was all flat land - no rivers, no mountains, no castles or rocket ships - just orange groves, and a few acres of walnut trees.”
Walt Disney quotes (American motion-picture Producer, pioneer of animated cartoon films. 1901-1966)

It's a fact:
Oranges were first imported from China to the United States. It is the fourth most popular fruit in the US besides being the largest citrus crop in the world.
In 1873, three navel orange trees were brought from Brazil and planted in Riverside, California. Today, one of the three original trees is still alive and producing fruit!
Oranges have more fiber content than most fruits and vegetables!
The name 'navel orange' has been derived from the appearance of the fruit, which resembles a bellybutton or navel.

Orange Julius
1Cup orange juice
2 Cups of milk
1/2 Tablespoon Sugar'
1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
1. freeze the orange juice for one day
2.Put the ingredients in the blender for 4 minutes.
3.pore orange julius in as many glasses as you want and serve.

The Orange Poem:

The world feels good to me when it is orange
Bursts of color as the sun takes its daily plunge
Autumn leaves and harvest glow a golden aura
Mountains mirror the sun, leaves, and orchards

Orange is raging fire is glow is passion is warm
Enlightening everything with no need to conform
Powerful partnership of red and yellow
Making bold music in many hues and tempos

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Enjoy your day!


Stempelchaotin said...

Oh wow this is absolutely sweet.
Such a lovely 4 x 4. Love this.

Faye said...

Ginger, such a beauriful card. Your colors are gorgeous. Thanks for the history of Disneyland. And for the history on the oranges in this country. I didn't know it. I had thought of using an orange and a lemon for this challenge, but I didn't have pix or stamps of them.

Femmy said...

beautiful card!!!
thanks for the history of disneyland!!

Heather Robinson said...

How delightful to visit your blog, see a fantastically creative piece of art and read your post. Thank you for leading me here by leaving me a very sweet comment on my blog.

Ginger said...

I want to thank each one of you to come and see my art and visit.What a blessing to have you here you took the time to see mine and said such nice things thank you.Your all a very talent group. I seen you blogs there out standing in everyway. I'll be back to check on you as the weeks and years go by .
Thank you again.

Rosie said...

Really great sunny images! I love your recipes... keep meaning to try some of them!!

Ginger said...

Oh rosie if you do come back and let me know if you liked them .I try to do a little of everything on this blog.If you have a recipe please share them with us on here or anything else you might like ti share i would love that.
hugs ginger(lovestodream)

cmoh said...

This is so lovely and soft and I love the "Orange" facts ... I am off to continue looking at them...Great piece!

Little Mysteries said...

Thanks for the lovely comment. Love the artwork. Also love oranges. We have a fantastic orange tree outside our kitchen. When it blooms we get the most wonderful scent, then later we get the oranges.

Ginger said...

Ohh that smell of orange blossoms.I agree with you that smell so wonderful here in riverside when oranges blossms it in the night air and you want to soak it all in.Thank you for dropping in please feel free to drop in anytime.I love oranges!

Anonymous said...

that looks really wonderful!

Donna said...

Your card is beautiful!

Lorraine said...

I like your 4x4 with the baby flying into the peach bosom!!