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Friday, October 25, 2013

Porcupine quill

American Porcupine quill necklace for those that like to live on the dangerous side.
Quote by Laura Purdie
When I'm feeling
I get nasty,
I get whiny.

Stay away or
I might stick you.
My sharp words are
quills to prick you.”
More than 10% of the world's salt is used to de-ice American roads.
Crocodile babies don't have sex chromosomes; the temperature at which the egg develops determines gender.
The higher the income, the more likely an American man will cheat on his wife.
Sweden has more telephones per capita than any country on earth.
Originally, Jack-O-Lanterns were made from turnips.
Disposable gloves for protection from germs and household chemicals.
Cheese stuffed shells
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