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Friday, August 2, 2013

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 Canoe Paddles are great for cruising around the lake on day trips
or gracing your cabin's wall.
Quote by anonymous,
 Paddle your own Canoe
The sport of canoeing first appeared in the Olympic games at Paris, 1924.
 Most canoes today are made from moulded plastic or a composite like fibreglass.
Canoeing was originally a form of long distance transportation in North America, the Amazon basin and Polynesia, as well as many other countries
Chinese officials of the same name who wore orange robes, and a symbol of
 Chinese New Year.
Eggplants are native to India and are known as ‘aubergines’ in Europe and ‘eggplants’ in America, and are also called ‘brinjal’, ‘melongene’ and ‘guinea squash’.
Expect to capsize and swim occasionally when paddling a canoe,
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