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Friday, July 5, 2013

Rock Art

Rock Art
Nine Mile Canyon features some of the best rock art in the southwest, with a large number of fine petroglyph panels. One of the nicest images is this owl, which is about 1 meter (three feet) tall.
Quote by Oscar Wilder
Three consective strikes in bowling is called a turkey.
Pittsburgh is the only city where all major sports teams have the same
 colors: Black and gold.
Racehorses can wear out new horse shoes in one race.
A polar bear's skin is black. Its fur is not white, but actually clear.
Prior to 1900, prize fights lasted up to 100 rounds.
Dry out blisters
 Listerine is a powerful antiseptic, which can dry out blisters. Use cotton balls to dab Listerine onto blisters three times a day until they heal.
Rock candy
6 cups cold water
6 cups whIn a large bowl, place the water. Dissolve sugar in water, a little at a time, stirring each time until sugar is completely dissolved, until no more sugar can be incorporated. Pour sugar water into clean jar and place a bamboo skewer in the jar, being sure the top sticks out over the surface of the water. Cover with a cloth, to keep out dust, and let rest until all water is evaporated and crystals have formed on the skewer, several days.unite sugar
water. Be sure not to disturb the crystals as they are growing.
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