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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fields of Tulips

In S. California fields of tulips
The Carlsbad Flower Field 2013 Season is scheduled from March 1 2013 through Mothers Day weekend May 12 2013.
Quote by Kessler, Daniella
Every person is like a single tulip. While they may blend when together, each one is special in its own light.
Tulips should be planted in the fall.
Tulips belong to same family as the lillies.
The most famous tulip is said to be "Queen of the Night" -- a tulip that is almost black.
WWII, some people in the Netherlands were forced to eat tulips because there wasn't any other food.
The word "tulip" is descended from a Persian word "dulband" --
which is like a turban hat'
Tulip bulbs are a good replacement for onions in cooking.
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