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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

3D illusion Art

realistic 3D illusion Art
21-year-old Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki creates amazing sketchbook drawings which viewed from the right angle create a realistic 3D illusion.
Quote by Henri Matisse
"Drawing is . . . not an exercise of particular dexterity, but above all a means of expressing intimate feelings and moods."

Until the 1960's men with long hair were not allowed to enter Disneyland.
Approximately 150 people are killed each year by coconuts.
No president of the United States was an only child.
Johnny Depp suffers from self-injury.
Bill Gates' house was designed using a Macintosh computer.

When writing the notes within Art sketchbook, it can be helpful to answer such questions as:
What subjects / themes / moods / issues / messages are explored? Why are these relevant or important to you? red more here

flour tortillas
6 Cups unbleached, all purpose flour
10 Tablespoons, butter
2 Cups HOT tap water
2 teaspoons kosher salt
Cut the butter into the flour with a pastry blender or two forks, until butter is distributed and looks crumbly.Dissolve the salt into the hot water. Pour the salted water into the flour mixture, stir until all combined.Divide dough into equal balls. Flour clean surface and roll each ball of dough flat until it is about 8 inches diameter. Heat a skillet or griddle on high then reduce to medium. Place rolled dough into skillet. Cook until a few bubbles form then flip. Allow the other side to cook about one minute. Stack the completed tortillas on a plate and continue to cook until finished.

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