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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sleep like your on the sidewalk

Designed by Amsterdam’s SNURK Bedding, is made to look like you’re sleeping
on the sidewalk under a cardboard box. Their proceeds are donated to various charities around Europe (depending on where they’re sold) that help homeless youngsters. The cardboard looking sheets and pillow case known as ‘Le Clochard’ or ‘The Tramp’ are ~$68 (€49.95) while the cobble stone-looking fitted sheet known as ‘Le Trottoir’ or ‘The Sidewalk’ is ~$52 (€37.95).
[ The Tramp & The Sidewalk Bedsheets ] VIA [ Random Good Stuff ]
Quote by~Barbarella
“A life without cause is a life without effect.”

Goldfish remember better in cold water than warm water.
City dwellers have longer, thicker, denser nose hairs than country folks do.
Lake Nicaragua in Nicaragua is the only fresh water lake in the world that has sharks.
None of the Beatles knew how to read music. (Paul McCartney eventually taught himself.)
76% of Americans celebrate New Year's Eve in groups of less than 20.

A mixture of borax and sugar or honey will attract and kill silverfish and ants.

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