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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St.Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's day

Irish saying~
At a certain age some people's minds close up; they live on their intellectual fat.

Nearly 30% of female lottery winners hide their winning ticket in their bras.
Burt Reynolds is a Cherokee Indian.
Americans are responsible for generating roughly 20% percent of the garbage in the world.
Recycling just one glass bottle, the amount of energy that is being saved is enough to light a 100 watt bulb for four hours.
Children laugh about 400 times a day, while adults laugh on average only 15 times a day.

Perfect parking every time, thread a string through a tennis ball and hang it from the garage ceiling.
Position the ball so your vehicle lands in the center of the garage when the ball touches the windshield.

Red Potato Colcannon
1 pound small red potatoes, scrubbed and cut in half
1 tablespoon butter
1/2 cup thinly sliced onion
6 cups thinly sliced green cabbage (about 1/2 head)
1 cup low-fat milk
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon white pepper
1. Bring 1 inch of water to a boil in a Dutch oven or steamer. Place potatoes in a steamer basket and steam, covered, until just cooked through, about 15 minutes. Transfer to a large bowl and cover to keep warm.2. Meanwhile, heat butter in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add onion and cook until translucent, about 2 minutes. Add cabbage and continue cooking, stirring occasionally, until the cabbage begins to brown, about 5 minutes.3. Reduce heat to low. Stir in milk, salt and white pepper; cover and cook until the cabbage is tender, about 8 minutes. Add the cabbage mixture to the potatoes. Mash with a potato masher or a large fork to desired consistency.

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Stay Crafty!
Have a blessed day & Be a blessing to others.
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Crafty Sue said...

Happy St.Patty's Day to you too!
It's a pleasure to find so many interesting links every time I visit your blog. Thank you!

alpapito said...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

Thank you for the wonderful tips, it is really helpful. I just want to add something about organizing the kitchen.
Always use spice rack, kitchen shelves and other cabinets to organize your kitchen and you can save time, and space.