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Friday, July 10, 2009

Plastic Life

Plastic life
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Quote by~Author Unknown
This life is a test.It is only a test.Had it been an actual life,you would have received further instructionson where to go and what to do.

The word "sneaker" was coined by Henry McKinney, an advertising agent for N.W. Ayer & Son.
Charles Macintosh invented the waterproof coat, the Mackintosh, in 1823.
Music was sent down a telephone line for the first time in 1876, the year the phone was invented.
In the early days of film making, people who worked on the sets were called movies. The films were called motion pictures.
People that study fish are called ichthyologists.

Slugs don't like ashes or sawdust ,
dont toss out fireplace ashes, put it in your garden.

Camping recipes
Camp cobbler
large can of peaches in heavy syrup
yellow or white cake mix
stick of butter
Dutch oven
pour can of peaches in bottom of oven. cover with cake mix cut butter into pats and place evenly over cake mix. sprinkle with cinnamon. cover oven, set on coals and put some coals on top of oven. cook for ~45 min.
Personalized pencil topper

Wall paper wipe off board

How to make matchbook shrines

Poopy Clutch tutorial * cute shower gift

Stay Crafty !
Have a blessed day and remember to be a blessing !


Almost Precious said...

Love the quote about, this life is only a test.
Always wondered why I hadn't been given a set of instructions or even a manual on how to cope with life and all it's hassles, hazards, haplessness and happiness. Now I know ! ,)
Anna Maria

Coffee Messiah said...

Hey there, Thanks for stopping by.

Will need to sift through here later to C what U R up too.


nice reggae ; )

Melissa [IS•LY] said...

Thanks for linking to my Poopy Clutch tutorial!

I'm excited to try the cork trivet tutorial.