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Monday, March 9, 2009


Richard Wilkinson
His Safari art please to see more go here
Please listen to Safari music
Quote by~Robin Williams
Spring is natures way of saying,
"Let's party!"

Ninety percent of all volcanic activity occurs in the oceans. In 1993, scientists located the largest known concentration of active volcanoes on the sea floor in the South Pacific. This area, the size of New York state, hosts 1,133 volcanic cones and sea mounts. Two or three could erupt at any moment.
Zion, Illinois - located on the shores of Lake Michigan north of Chicago - was founded by the followers of John Alexander Dowie, whose Christian Catholic Church disapproved of pharmacies, doctors, theaters or dance halls. Smoking, drinking and the eating of pork also was prohibited in town.

Make your own baking powder
1/4 cup cream of tartar 2 tablespoons baking soda Directions1Sift cream of tartar and baking soda together three times. 2Transfer mixture to a clean, tight-sealing jar. 3Store at room temperature, away from sunlight, up to 6 weeks.

Fig Salad with Greens and Walnuts
6 Perfectly ripe figs beginning to show milky at the seams
2 Handfuls of green - such as tender Arugula - Leaves and their Blossoms, - Red Oak Lettuce Leaves, - tendrils of Frizzy Endive - or a Buttery Limestone - Lettuce, some Chervil - sprigs
3 Rounds of mild cheese
6 Fresh walnuts, shelled - and left in large pieces
Freshly ground pepper
1 sm Shallot; finely diced
2 ts Champagne vinegar
1 tpn Salt
2 tb Extra-virgin olive oil -=OR=- Walnut oil
1. QUARTER THE FIGS OR SLICE them into rounds. Wash and dry the greens. Make the vinaigrette (RECIPE Follows), and dress the greens with just enough to coat them lightly. Arrange the greens on 2 or 3 plates and lay the figs among them, along with the cheese and walnut pieces. Spoon the remaining vinaigrette over the top and serve, lightly peppered. 2. THE VINAIGRETTE: COMBINE THE SHALLOT, VINEGAR and salt in a bowl, then whisk in the oil. Taste and adjust the seasoning, if necessary.

Crafts and & Tutorials
Making this swiffer cover and duster

Mixed media butterfly effect
Enjoy your day,Lord bless you!


Loralynn said...

I love your new header! It's so pretty!

Amber said...

The girls loved the music. They got excited when they heard the elephant.

The swifter is too neat!! It would be great for people that have "gone green". I am sure you could wash and re-use it.

The sidewalk chalk is neat also! I tried to make my own last night and it wasn't nearly as pretty. I have to try it this way.

Great links!! TFS!

Gingerbread said...

I love your main picture. And you have a good collection of links I am going to have a look at thank you. best wishes Julie.C