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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Happy Rose

Unique amazing "Happy-Roses"!!!

A Netherlands Company, has perfected a unique technique for changing each petal of a single rose.They have been dubbed "Happy-Roses".

They have more see here

Quote by~Gertrude S.Wister
"The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places
in our hearts well out of proportion to their size."

The flashing warning light atop the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood also spells out H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D in Morse Code.
According to the film's animators, you will see 6,469,952 black spots every time you view 101 Dalmations.
The ostrich cannot fly but it can outrun a racehorse.
Houseflies hum in the key of F.
Stewardess is the longest word that can be typed using only the left hand.

Ways to Use Vinegar
Ant invasions
can sometimes be deterred by washing counter tops, cabinets and floors with white distilled vinegar.
Unclog the showerhead:
Corrosion may be removed from showerheads or faucets by soaking them in diluted white distilled vinegar overnight. This may be easily accomplished by saturating a terry cloth towel in vinegar and wrapping it around the showerhead or faucet.
Kill weeds:
Spray white distilled vinegar full strength on tops of weeds. Reapply on any new growth until plants have starved.Freshen baby clothes:The addition of 1 cup of white distilled vinegar to each load of baby clothes during the rinse cycle will naturally break down uric acid and soapy residue leaving the clothes soft and fresh.

Hush Puppies
2 cups yellow corn meal
1 cup plain flour (flour is what gave it thelighter taste and you can experiment with the amount you use if you want)
2 eggs
1 cup buttermilk (you can also use plain milk ina pinch, but nothing compares to buttermilk)
3/4 teaspoon seasoned salt. I use Lowreys but justabout any brand will work as you are just looking for something to spice things up a little
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper blend (again, the ideais to spice things up a little).
1 teaspoon baking powder
2/3 teaspoon baking soda
1/8 cup bacon grease.
This is another big key to the flavor. In a pinch you can use other typesof cooking oil, but bacon is my favorite.You also need some type of cooking oil to deep frythese in. I usually use Crisco oil although peanut oiland some of the lower fat oils work well too. Mix all of the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add youreggs, oil, and buttermilk. Stir it all up untilthe flavors are thoroughly blended. Turn your cooker on medium-high heat. When it's hot you can drop your hush puppies in using atable spoon. Allow them to brown on all sides.They should begin floating when done, but if theydon't, don't overcook them.Serve as a side dish with just about any meal.

Crafts & Tutorials
Free crochet pattern for baby blanket

Spring scraft from old T-Shirts

How knit a hat without a pattern

Make a Pepsi can Crab

How to make a punched Tin Lantern

(pdf) Tin Lantern punched and more

Crystal charm birdy pattern (pdf)

enjoy your day ! Lord bless you!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

That is the most amazing rose! I'm not even sure I like it LOL, but it's certainly fascinating and eye-catching!

It reminds me of an old joke that ended with "that rose is so beautiful it looks artificial!"

My Big Mouth said...

Hello Ginger!
Don't you just love those rainbow roses?
My sil use to work for a flower company that sold those and she brought one over to me and I took many photos of it.They are still on my flickr.
Also,just to let you know,the Pepsi can crab link is the same link you have above it for the knitted hat.
Have a blessed day!

Christy said...

amazing rainbow roses! so lovely! thank you for the link!


Ginger said...

Oh my i'll fix that right away.It's been rainning here in calif.No kidding been having trouble with my pc, must have not copied right link.Thank you for telling me about it.
Fix it crew here lol