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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My new award

Hope this month is the start of a brilliant year for me and mine, and you and yours too, whoever is reading this little post. I have been given another lovely award by ed
at Ed's place http://wwwedsplace.blogspot.com/

I have to nominate at least 7 others, and unlike my previous award, which had no 'must do's ' and where I was lazy and awarded it to everyone simply because I love everyone, this time I have thought long and hard about it, as is normal in this life, you can't choose everyone, so here goes for my 7 nominees ....

(1.) loralynns @My art,My so called Life http://loralynnsart.blogspot.com/
(2.)Debbie @Creation by Debbie jean http://creationsbydebbiejean.blogspot.com/
(3.)Rosemary @Roses Petite Maison http://rosespetitemaison.blogspot.com/
(4.)Susan Williamson @Artopia Update http://artopiaupdate.blogspot.com/
(5.)Evidence of an artistic life @ http://evidenceofanartisticlife.blogspot.com/
(6.)Colette @ A bird in the hand http://a-bird-in-the-hand.blogspot.com/
(7.) Kansasrose@ http://moonlasso.blogspot.com/


Rosemary said...

Congrats to you!!
Thank you for the award too!!
Glad you stopped by my blog.
Have a great day,

kansasrose said...

You have a lovely blog! This award is well deserved by you. Thanks so much for your visit and kind words about my little moon blog and nominating me for this award. It means alot. Have a blessed year! ~kansasrose

Susan Williamson said...

Oh Ginger ...you're the best! Thank you so much for this lovely award.
P.S. That picture you asked about measures 10.75" x 15.5" and I just managed to print it by the skin of my printer's teeth!

Amber said...

Congrats on the award!!! You have a great blog!!!