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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just a word.

Thanksgiving just around the corner

Quotes By~ Napoleon Bonaparte
The best way to keep one's word is not to give it.

Facts Historians leave out about Thanksgiving
What do you call the bread, spices and celery that cook inside the turkey? If you’re from the north, you probably call it “stuffing” … if you’re from the south, you may call it “dressing.”
One sixth of the turkey raised in America is eaten on Thanksgiving (or shortly thereafter, as leftovers …).
Two turkeys are pardoned by the President, and the American people vote on their names. The 2005 winning turkey names? Marshmallow and Yam!
The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade took place in 1924. There were floats, bands … and even live animals borrowed from the Central Park Zoo!

Who knew you could roast coffee beans with an air pop popcorn popper!

Pick up several cupfuls of acorns. All kinds of oaks have edible acorns. Some have more tannin than others, but leaching will remove the tannin from all of them.
Shell the acorns with a nutcracker, a hammer, or a rock.
Grind them. If you are in the woods, smash them, a few at a time on a hard boulder with a smaller stone, Indian style. Do this until all the acorns are ground into a crumbly paste. If you are at home, it's faster and easier to use your mom's blender. Put the shelled acorns in the blender, fill it up with water, and grind at high speed for a minute or two. You will get a thick, cream-colored goo. It looks yummy, but tastes terrible.
Leach (wash) them. Line a big sieve with a dish towel and pour in the ground acorns. Hold the sieve under a faucet and slowly pour water through, stirring with one hand, for about five minutes. A lot of creamy stuff will come out. This is the tannin. When the water runs clear, stop and taste a little. When the meal is not bitter, you have washed it enough.
Or, in camp, tie the meal up in a towel and swish it in several bucketfuls of clean drinking water, until it passes the taste test.
Squeeze out as much water as you can, with your hands.
Use the ground acorn mash right away, because it turns dark when it is left around. Or store in plastic for freezing if you want to make the pancakes later.


from Sharon Hendricks
Break an egg into a bowl.

Add: 1 teaspoon salad oil

1 teaspoon of honey or sugar

1/2 cup of ground and leached acorns

1/2 cup of corn meal

1/2 cup of whole wheat or white flour

2 teaspoons of double action baking powder

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1/2 cup of milk
Beak all together. If the batter is too thick to pour, thin it with milk. Pour pancakes into a hot, greased griddle and cook slowly until brown on both sides.

Have a wonderful day!


HDMac said...

I love the Wizard of Oz picture! LOL

Ed said...

I love the Wizard of Oz pic too - even though I'm a Brit - brilliant post as usual Ginger, thank you xxx

Ozstuff said...

It pays to take a second look. I saw the Wizard of Oz pic and almost passed it by until I saw the faces. Absolutely fantastic and so cleverly done.
You have a wonderful blog, Ginger. I am still trying to work out how to use the "follower" thingy. It is a pity that you don't have more visitors because they are missing out on a treat.

As for going out to vote, here in Australia voting is compulsory as is enrolling to vote. Failing to vote results in fines.