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Friday, July 11, 2008

I know you! Hello!

I know you! Hello!

Friday July 11,2008
Wecome back everyone!
Here a quotes~By David Starr
The world turns aside to let any man pass who knows whither he is going."

"Be a life long or short, its completeness depends on what it was lived for."

"There is no real excellence in all this world which can be separated from right living."

"Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it."
David Starr Jordan (1851-1931), American scientist and university administrator, distinguished himself as a teacher of biology, an ichthyologist, and an influential college president.

It's a fact
Levan, which is located in Utah, got its name from "navel" which is levan spelt backwards. It was named this because it is in the center of Utah.
Czechoslovakia, there is a church that has a chandelier made out of human bones
Ho-Ho-Kus, a small town in New Jersey, is the only town in the United States of America that has two dashes in its name.
Abraham Lincoln's mother died when she drank the milk of a cow that grazed on poisonous snakeroot.

No cream for burns? Try coving your burn with tooth paste
burns pain can be relieved first by putting the burn straight under cold running water, then covering it with the tooth paste.
Relieve will be instant.
To remove paint from a paintbrush, immediately after use, put 1/2 cup of any liquid fabric softener per gallon of water in a 5 gallon bucket. Swish brush vigorously in the liquid while counting to ten. Remove the brush and there will be no paint on the brush in 10 seconds .

Prawn Cocktail
Cooked prawns, heads, tails and shells removed
or ready shelled King or Tiger prawns
Iceberg Lettuce, shredded
2-3 spring onions, sliced thin
1/4 cucumber, peeled and cut into small cubes
olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper for salad dressing
1 cup of low fat mayonnaise
1 tbsp tomato ketchup
dash Worcestershire sauce
a pinch of Paprika
pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
lemon juice to taste

mix the lettuce, cucumber and spring onions
add the dressing
place mixed lettuce in bottom of cocktail glass
place the prawns on top
mix the mayonnaise, ketchup, Worcester sauce and paprika with the lemon juice together


Craft & tutorials
Floor BlackBoard Cloths

Ideas for year around wreaths

Hand painted Stone Cottages
can see video on this here

Free knitting patterns

(C) Soley squares hat pattern

Free Sample:Nivea for Men Extreme Comfort
Enjoy your day!


Just the two of us said...

Hey Partner!
I totally loved your package, Ive been without internet lately and thats the reason it took me so long! You are very creative! Thanks so much!

Ginger said...

Bless your heart ,so happy you got it hope you can use them.Know i was thinking about you and well check on you. im so happy your back on the net love your blog.Hope many check it out.

HDMac said...

Ginger, I am just loving your pictures and blog! You have such a wonderful sense of humor and compassion that I can see in your pics! Love it!!!!!

Jan Ely said...

Love the picture of this hairy and happy little creature!

Ginger said...

Ahh thank you no thats not one of my kids pictures LOL
Have fun postting funny things on here as well as sharing what i find and make thank you jan for dropping by come again my friends!